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Jem and Cozy

Limited Time Mystery Sticky Note Bundle (Set of 6)

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Enjoy a Mystery Sticky Note Bundle (set of 6 random designs like the ones pictured) due to printing production errors. These sticky notes are discounted due to overstock, minor defects, or because they have been discontinued.

Please note in the comment box during checkout if you would prefer one without profanity and I will try my best to exclude it based on inventory. 

Please note that if you purchase multiple sets, you may receive duplicates as there are limited quantities of designs.

These designs may have mild production issues such as:

  • smudging or glue marks along the SIDES of the sticky notes
  • printed with fuzzy/pixelated ink
  • first few pages have clamp indentations
  • corners may be slightly bent or frayed

Sticky Note Info:

  • 1 sticky note with 50 sheets
  • 3x3 inches
  • Each sheet has adhesive backing
  • Post-it note brand
  • Please allow for slight variations in the distance of the designs to the edge of the sticky note and image size as each batch of sticky notes are slightly different