About the Artist

Hi there! I'm Dana, the artist of Jem and Cozy. Every design offered at Jem and Cozy was painted or digitally drawn by me!

I remember drawing pictures for my family members when I was 4 years old, drawing every scene of Sailor Moon I could get my hands on in elementary school, and daydreaming in college about having an art cafe.

I remember finding comfort in drawing and writing letters to my friends and loved ones since elementary school as my family moved around constantly. I have always loved the feeling of receiving handwritten letters and the smell of paper and ink. I cherished the scent and energy of bookstores and stationery stores and would spend hours exploring all of pens, stickers, and notebooks they had to offer. 

I have a background in Psychology and Occupational Therapy. My line of work has inspired a lot of wellness and self care messages in funny and relatable ways which you will see is one of my favorite themes in my art.

I have learned over time that you should follow your dopamine. There is magic in creating, writing, doing, making, and being. This is the feeling I hope to share with you all through my work. Thank you for being here and spending your time with me.

What does Jem and Cozy mean?

"Jem-mi" refers to the Korean word "fun" and "cozy" plays homage to my aunt's nail salon Cozy Nails. I spent many summers surrounded by women and art at my aunt's nail salon. It was always full of laughter, stories, and I loved watching all the intricate designs coming together on people's nails.

Jem and Cozy offers a variety of stationery goods with the mission to make you feel a sense of fun (jem-mi) and coziness. The glee I want to pass on to others through my work is the kind of joy I would feel when I'd walk into my favorite stationery store, open up my cherished sticker book, or receive a handwritten letter from my friend across the country. I hope you enjoy this shop as much as I love putting out art into the universe.