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Jem and Cozy

Cozy Confetti - Sticker and Origami Confetti Scoop!

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This is a limited edition project that is not available at Jem and Cozy regularly due to the time it takes to fold all the origami.

  • You will receive a mystery scoop in an organza bag (1/2 a bag per scoop)
  • All stickers are designed and printed by me
  • All origami is handmade by me and my sister, which includes stars, butterflies, cranes, turtles, and a few other surprises
  • Each scoop guarantees at least 4 stickers and may include swear words (if you prefer no profanity in your stickers, please let me know in the note section during check out)
  • One scoop yields about a half filled 4x5" organza bag 
  • Every batch of Cozy Confetti will look different as the papers I use always change. It's a mix of origami, scrapbook, and magazine paper
  • Origami is great for sprinkling into gifts, decorating a counter space, party favors, or being placed in a clear jar for decor.