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Jem and Cozy

Introvert Sticker BUNDLE (Set of 10)

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  • Assorted themed sticker pack of 10. All designs are illustrated by the artist of Jem and Cozy.
  • Most stickers are 3" tall or wide.
  • High quality waterproof And dishwasher safe stickers. These are all in a matte finish outside of the Simply Existing sticker which has a special snowflake holographic laminate on it.
  • All are waterproof and dishwasher safe except the following stickers which are water resistant (best hand washed if placed on waterbottle): simply existing snow globe, you don't have to do more to be more potato, sorry can't make it super busy ghosts
  • Please note that we do our best to keep track of inventory. If something goes out of stock, you will be contacted for other options as a replacement. Thank you!