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Jem and Cozy

Abandoned Cart Fulfillment - Make Someone's Day

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Abandoned Cart Tiers

This all started when I decided to look through my "abandoned carts" section for orders that were started by customers but for whatever reason, they didn't get to check out. I made a video, choosing a random person's cart to fulfill to send some joy their way. A lot of people really enjoyed this and wanted to contribute!

Check out my first Abandoned Cart video here.

If you'd like to spread some joy to a stranger, here is a way you can pay it forward or just do something nice! I make sure that the random person I land on is someone who either hasn't ordered or hasn't ordered in a while. I have set different tiers you can choose from and whatever total you choose, I will pay for the shipping and the difference in their cart as needed.

If you'd like to send them a note with it, please leave it in the comment box during check out and I will include it. A kind gesture or note can go a long way. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good day!

Playlist of Abandoned Cart Fulfillments