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Jem and Cozy

Teacher Stationery Bundle - 10 Piece Set

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Set of 1 notepad, 2 sticky notes, and 7 stickers themed for teachers of tiny humans.

  • Stickers are assorted glossy and matte water resistant and waterproof stickers that are between 2-3 in width or height.
  • "Drink more water", "Teacher of tiny humans", "Here's a cup of pawsitivitea", "You Got This Boo" and "Nuggs not drugs" are both dishwasher safe and waterproof. The remaining stickers are water resistant and can be hand washed if placed on a water bottle.
  • Sticky notes: 3x3" 50 sheet Post-it brand sticky notes
  • Notepad: 4x6" (WxH) 50 sheet notepad (tear off pages) (the featured photo is a slightly shorter size than the 4x6" notepad but it will be the exact same design)
  • Note for water resistant stickers: This sticker is printed on vinyl paper and laminated for extra protection but it is not intended to come in contact with water for long periods of time. For best results, please do not place it in the dishwasher or washing machine. Pat dry after it comes in contact with water.
  • Video of a Teacher Stationery Bundle

There are 2 notepad versions available. Daily Ghouls Checklist and Fruity Ghost Stamps Notepad. The remaining stickers will always be the same in each teacher bundle.