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Jem and Cozy

Custom Ghostie or Floral Art - Made to Order

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This listing is for 1 custom acrylic painting within the theme of flowers, fruits, and ghosts. Please give me 2 weeks from purchase date to paint your order before shipment. If there are any anticipated delays or unforeseen issues, I will email you!

Please copy and paste the following list into the comment box during check out and fill it out:

1. Character Ghost (you can specify if you want a simple ghost or a dog/cat/witch ghost etc.)
2. Flowers or fruit (pick up to 2 of either combined please)
3. Color theme (1-2 background colors)

  • You do not need to pick a character if you prefer all flowers or fruits)
  • If you would like to give me creative liberty, feel free to keep your list simple and let me know that you want to give me creative liberty. I will add whatever I believe will be best!
  • Please reference the color wheel if you have a certain flower or fruit in mind. Colors across from each other compliment each other best. If I feel something won't match, don't worry-- I will email you with recommendations or ideas before starting!

About the piece:

  • Each piece is 4x4" (WxH)
  • Painted on stapled canvas that is 1" deep
  • My style includes little stars, dots, and moons in empty spaces of the canvas
  • Each piece is outlined in gold and black accents
  • Each painting has it's own quirks and imperfections
  • Purchasing this art does not transfer any rights to the design