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Abandoned Cart Fulfillment - Make Someone's Day

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Abandoned Cart Tiers

PLEASE READ: This is a PAY IT FORWARD option to gift a stranger their Jem and Cozy abandoned cart as an act of kindness. A stranger's abandoned cart will be fulfilled and sent directly to them if you check out on this listing.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be receiving any products for purchasing this listing. The abandoned cart products will be processed and shipped to the lucky stranger.  

This all started when I decided to look through my "abandoned carts" section for orders that were started by customers but for whatever reason, they didn't get to check out. I made a video, choosing a random person's cart to fulfill to send some joy their way. A lot of people really enjoyed this and wanted a way to contribute!

Check out my first Abandoned Cart video here.

If you'd like to spread some joy to a stranger, here is a way you can pay it forward! I make sure that the random person I land on is someone who either hasn't ordered or hasn't ordered in a while. I have set different tiers you can choose from and whatever total you choose, I will pay for the shipping and the difference in their cart as needed. All aspects of the order fulfillment will be processed by Jem and Cozy. 

If you'd like to send them a note with it, please leave it in the comment box during check out and I will include it. A kind gesture or note can go a long way. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good day!

Playlist of Abandoned Cart Fulfillments

What to expect if you purchase someone else's  cart:

  • Your order will be marked as fulfilled when I send out the recipient's order. 
  • If you purchase other items for yourself in the same order, it will be fulfilled separately and the fulfillment notification will be separate
  • I make every effort to share outgoing recipients' orders on my social media but it is not guaranteed, especially during high order volume times
  • Every recipient receives a note explaining why they received their order and your first name as the gifter will appear
  • Everything remains confidential outside of the first names shared on the note