Products I Use to Make Stickers

Many of you ask about the products and settings I use to make stickers from my home studio. Here is a video overview of everything I currently use and a list of products/referral codes if you are interested in any of the following services/products.

Youtube Overview - How I make stickers and the supplies I use

Amazon Supply List

Stickerblitz - I also use Sticker Blitz to print matte waterproof stickers. Their quality and service is great. Sticker Blitz Referral Code: SBDO103 for 20% OFF FIRST ORDER OVER $100

Printful - Printful referral link for $5 credit

Etsy Referral - If you're an artist looking to start a shop on Etsy, here a is a referral code link for 40 free listings (for new users only).

Chase business credit card - They have great sign up bonuses and it helps keep your business expenses separate from personal ones!


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